Sunday, August 20, 2006

Everything here is just too S L O W

Still no DSL at home. The issues never fucking end. First they stated the lines inside the house did not work. We replaced them all. Now the phone line from the street to the house needs to be repaired. Not our problem, right? The phone company would fix? Nope. PLDT (the carrier) should fix it but the chances of that happening in the next couple of weeks or months is not great. I am stuck with PLDT because we are in such a ghetto area of Manila, most companies will not put their services here. Apparently either the physical cable gets stolen or too many people hook up to everything illegally. This is why we have cable television that has 10-15 channels and 12-14 of them are so blurry it is impossible to watch. Randomly the psycho religious channel always comes in good. I started to inquire about satellite but I have been warned against it because people will just climb onto my roof and steal the dish.

I have days where I just get tired of it. I am sick of local websites that never work (from government to private companies). I am sick of having milk that tastes like powder. I am sick of the mosquitoes biting my feet. I am sick of waiting for our house to be built. I am sick of waiting for fucking EVERYTHING.

To boot, I am actually sick right now which probably is why I am in such a shitty mood.


jonnifer said...

Why does the milk taste like powder? Isn't it real milk?

kikas_head said...

Yeah, the milk is mostly made from some sort of powder. First thing I do when I visit the US is buy a burrito and drink a large glass of normal milk.

jonnifer said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you, there are no more burritos here. Sorry.