Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Appliance Shopping

We finally bought one of the major appliances we need--a fridge (or as called here, a ref). It will not be delivered until this weekend but I am already loving it.

I never knew Sharp made fridges (I do not think they have a refrigerator line in the states) but I loved the idea of a freezer on the bottom combined with no center panel in the top. I also am loving the fact that the drawers for the freezer are plastic versus the wire baskets that are so common in the states.

We ended up buying our appliances at one store. Shopping for appliances is a process when it comes to pricing. There really is no last price--you can keep going. We got this fridge for P15,000 (about $350) below the marked price. The marked price is just the starting point. We also got a free blender and hairdryer as well. Catch? This is the cash price. We never carry lots of cash, so for us it meant a check which in the Philippines means three days clearing. No big deal for us.

Lest you think the fridge is too big, the tropical air kills food really quickly so items that are not normally refrigerated or frozen are here (i.e., bread, 72oz bags of chocolate chips from Costco).

(Sorry for the cruddy pic--I grabbed it from the Sharp website so the resolution is lacking)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

House Update

Every time I look back at a post talking about how close we are to moving in to our new home, I want to laugh. So now I will take the stance that it will NEVER be done, and maybe that will change my luck. We are (in theory) getting closer to moving. I am starting to write the number of the cable and internet companies down and we will buy our fridge this week. I have been sick for the past couple of days so I have not been to the house, but the rumor is the pool actually has water in it now (and not the sludge that has been living in it). The pool construction ended up being a clusterfuck and in fact our pool supply company told us later, had they known who we hired, they would have stopped us. Hopefully all the pipes/pump/filter were installed correctly. We will find out this week. Live and learn. Honestly, if this is the only problem we have, I can live with it. Moral of story=NEVER hire friends...ever. Everybody says it, but I guess I had to live through it to learn.

We installed an outdoor shower. When we spent time in Hawaii this past January, the house we rented had an outdoor shower and it was the best thing. I don't think I ever showered in the house...maybe once. After that, the sisters and I were always in that shower. In fact my sister Jonnifer didn't ever shower inside either. It was that good. Something about being in a shower outside is fantastic. I am planning on putting a teak panel in the bottom with some river stones underneath. Being naked outdoors is very cool. But not too cool, hence our bamboo privacy wall.

We tried to use a lot of color in the house which we both like (I think it is growing up in San Francisco and being surrounded by multicolored Victorian homes). Our foyer has a bright teal floor (and a bright red ceiling with woodwork over it).

The color is apparent in the kitchen also, not only the blue but the malaga tiles behind the stove. Also, please note we have no oven in our main kitchen. Very Pinoy (although we put one in the dirty kitchen).

Our landscaping has turned out awesome. I couldn't be happier with the work he did. The grass also filled in very well.


AFTER:If I do not start weeding soon, it really will be a jungle. Gotta get on that soon!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cathay Pacific

So we arrived back safe and sound. For our flights to and from SFO, we took Cathay Pacific which was awesome.

Great things about our flights:
1. Cathay Pacific gives you (in economy): socks, toothbrush/toothpaste, two mints, and eye masks upon request. They are one of the few airlines to still give amenity kits to economy passengers.

2. Ice cream, sandwiches, and cup noodles upon request. Love it!!!

3. They upgraded both of us to business class for the MNL-HKG leg. Yes, I realize it is only a little over an hour flight, but man! It was an awesome hour. On the way back (HKG-MNL), they only upgraded me (I think because I have ruby status with One World...albeit the lowest status one can have). Ado took the business class seat on the way home because she appreciates the nicer airline food more than me. I was so tired, I slept and skipped the meal.

4. The flight attendants will give you lots of ginger ale upon request (I drank four cans on the SFO-HKG leg).

5. The flight attendants are really, really, really nice.

Bad things about out flight:
1. On the way back, the man sitting next to me had the worst body odor and breath you can imagine. This was not normal bad breath, but dental emergency bad breath. I spent the whole flight with a blanket over my mouth. Ado wanted to say something to him in Manila (thankfully he was not next to me on the second leg) but I stopped her because I did not want his feelings hurt. She didn't think he realized how bad he smelled, but I think he had to of. We will never see him again, and he was a really nice guy.

One the way back, we had one of the newly configured airplanes. The video on demand was awesome but I am not loving the seats. Instead of reclining, they slide forward which leaves you feeling like you are slouching the entire time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still in San Francisco.....

I am horrible about blogging when vacationing. I figure I will catch up when we get home this week. All I have been doing here (besides seeing family and friends and working) is shopping.

Wal Mart is my new favorite store. We do not have them in San Francisco (likely because they are evil in every way, shape, and form) but we spent three weeks in a tiny, tiny town in central Texas and after 9pm the only thing to do is go to Wal Mart. I felt guilty shopping there but was quite happy that I could buy a box of Triscuits for P100 less per box than in the Philippines (I bought a few boxes). Yes, I realize that purchasing my discounted Triscuits helps Wal Mart continue their world domination at the expense of everyone and I will not be surprised if when I get back and open my crackers, they are stained with the blood of all the people in the world who are raped by Wal Mart and their socially evil practices.

Side note, it is sooo good to be back in San Francisco. I really love it here. Although I am very happy in the Philippines, home is always home and home for me is a city that has banned plastic bags, encourages recycling everything, hates smokers (I am a freak here), has open space and parks everywhere, and has some of the best restaurants in the world.