Saturday, September 08, 2007

House is Getting Closer!

The house is still coming and we are hopefully still looking at a Nov/Dec turnover date.

We actually have a roof now which is great and from the second floor there is an awesome breeze.

The pool is coming and tiles will be put in sooner than later.

Today we will continue on our quest for good furniture. I think we are heading over to Ortigas today to look. There is a specific piece of furniture for outside that I am looking for (this giant round rattan chair that can seat two to three people) but have not yet found it. We went to Union Sqaure yesterday (a furniture store off T. Morato) that can make it based off photos so I will bring that in. The only photo I have is:


Jen said...

You should paint a huge open shark mouth on the bottom of your pool. That would be scary.

kikas_head said...

That would be horribly scary. Disturbing in fact. We are however going to get a sign for the front gate of our house that reads, "Beware of KILLER Sharks" which is our homage to a sign on a house in Manila that reads, "Beware of KILLER Dogs". The KILLER is not only capitalized but underlined as well. We may make ours killer goldfish instead but your get the idea. Maybe we'll do it in French as a shout out to you (we have a CAL flag in honor of Katie). I'll post some pictures of the pool semi tiled later today.