Sunday, October 14, 2007

Furniture Shopping

We been looking for furniture for the new house now for a month or so. This is the first time in our lives that we have had more rooms than: bedroom, office, living room, and kitchen. Furniture shopping here is amazing and frustrating at the same time. Prices vary drastically from store to store for very similar items. In addition, as far as quality furniture goes, we have found the prices to be as high (and in some cases higher) than the states. The good part is there is some awesome furniture to be had here. We have gone everywhere from tiny roadside shops to a slew of the major mall shops and we are not any closer to coming to a decision on anything. The curse is also that some stores will look like crap from the outside and have great items inside and vice versa.

We went to Ethan Allen and while it had fantastic items, the prices were on par with what they charge in the states (which is not even close to cheap). We have had the best luck at Market Market when they had a Vigan furniture sale as well as Tiendisitas as we are looking for an older style of furniture. Many stores sell the item on the floor (the idea of a display model does not seem to be very popular here) which mean that not only do you have to hunt for an item you like, you have to inspect it as that will be the item residing in your home. I am hoping since Christmas is coming (it is already almost full blast here) there will be some good sales.

What we may end up doing is having some furnishings custom made. While this is in many cases the most expensive option, the work is unbelievable. For major pieces (our bench/couch/daybed thing) I think it will be worth it.

I wish delivered here. Not for the furniture so much, but for all the housewares & linens.


ugid said...

I used to buy furniture from small shops that make their own furnitures. They have "floor displays"/"sample furnitures."

"Floor displays" of clothing, though, are excellent in the Philippines. That's what I miss here in the US/Canada. Here, all the clothes stock are already out on the floor so I can't try on one and then purchase another that's still in the package. So, not only do I have to inspect every stitch, seam, button and every area for stains and tears, I have to contend with bringing home clothes that have already been worn/tried on by other people.

james abram said...

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