Monday, March 24, 2008


We ended up going with a landscaping company (after having short lived fantasies of doing the garden ourselves) and so far we are very happy. Neither of us know enough about the plants or trees here to put plants in the correct spot and furthermore, neither of us have any type of green thumb at all. We asked for "organized jungle" meaning that I wanted a lot of local plants and wanted them rather to be as thickly planted as possible while still staying in the area they should.

The grass is still looking sparse but this is normal for recent sod. Pretty jungle-y, eh?

In the front we have a lot of flowers like above. Since all these plants are in, they need to be watered like crazy (especially since summer just started here). Luckily a few of the workers are stay-overs (meaning they sleep on site) and they have agreed to water the plants each evening.

The bald tree above will bloom. We are also putting vines on the two trellises in the garden.


Jonnifer said...

Dense, naturally arranged plants are the best, good choice. I love your bald tree and the trees around it! Are you being sarcastic about the jungle-y grass? Maybe if you let it grow forever, like Mom, ha!

Katie said...


I like the idea of grass right next to the pool.

kikas_head said...

My lawn is the antithesis of jungle.

Christine said...

Are you worried about a lot of plant debris falling into the pool and it being a nightmare to keep clean? It seems like people jumping into the pool will bring the grass with them or it will blow into the pool on its own. The pool area turned out great though and I agree that the dense planting does look the best. Vine-covered trellises sound pretty as well. It looks like it will have just been completed when I come and visit. I can't wait!

Jonnifer said...

I bet your stuff will grow like crazy in that climate. Any interest in doing some gardening of your own?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just discovered your blog. I love the pictures of the house being built and your stories. My wife and i would like to build a house someday on the lot we bought recently in Antipolo. She wants a pool. I didn't think we could fit it in, but after looking at your pool i wonder if maybe we can. I love the hut at edge by the way. How many square meters is your lot? Ours is 248, which seemed big when we bought it, but now i wonder how we're gonna fit in the home theater, gym, bowling alley AND the pool -- joke lang!

Keep up the great posts!