Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still in San Francisco.....

I am horrible about blogging when vacationing. I figure I will catch up when we get home this week. All I have been doing here (besides seeing family and friends and working) is shopping.

Wal Mart is my new favorite store. We do not have them in San Francisco (likely because they are evil in every way, shape, and form) but we spent three weeks in a tiny, tiny town in central Texas and after 9pm the only thing to do is go to Wal Mart. I felt guilty shopping there but was quite happy that I could buy a box of Triscuits for P100 less per box than in the Philippines (I bought a few boxes). Yes, I realize that purchasing my discounted Triscuits helps Wal Mart continue their world domination at the expense of everyone and I will not be surprised if when I get back and open my crackers, they are stained with the blood of all the people in the world who are raped by Wal Mart and their socially evil practices.

Side note, it is sooo good to be back in San Francisco. I really love it here. Although I am very happy in the Philippines, home is always home and home for me is a city that has banned plastic bags, encourages recycling everything, hates smokers (I am a freak here), has open space and parks everywhere, and has some of the best restaurants in the world.


Jonnifer said...

Yeah, go SF!

A French coworker just got back from 2 weeks there (loved it), and he was surprised because he was expecting fast food and Hummers, not vegan and hybrids. Talking to him about the Bay Area's uniqueness it occurred to me that California's smoking ban, then SF's extension of the ban to include bars, was the shot heard round the world. What we started in 1995 has now spread not just around the country, but around the world. Booya!

Irving said...

Just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it all. I am building a house in Boracay and my adventure in furnishing is just beginning.
Any ideas as to where I can shop for Jacuzzi tubs, inside and out in the Manila area?