Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Did I Mention it is Hot???

It is summer. Morning to night, it is hot. Constant sweating. Two showers a day is no longer enough. I cannot wait for rainy season. We had fiesta last weekend in my in-laws neighborhood. Just remember when looking at the pictures that it is a million degrees.

There are always random fire dancers every fiesta.

The kids had a dance contest. This was the winning team.

This chicken just amused me because the head was held up with a mini flag.


jonnifer said...

Oh man, it sounds horrible. How can your brain even function when it's that hot?

The fiesta looks fun. The kids are so cute.

kikas_head said...

It cannot. I have gone brain dead. The only time during the day when I do not sweat is when I am swimming or showering (showers 3x a day). I figured out why it is so hot. If you look at the temp, it will say for example 35. BUT if you look at the heat index (meaning what the heat feels like to a human) it will read 45. I think it is almost over...yesterday felt cooler.

Dado 2511 said...

I got all emotional (surprise) reading about Tondo. I do love the hood and everyone there . Please say "Hi" to G-Jill for me.

David T. Macknet said...

We're considering moving there (in about a year - a company I worked with asked if I'd be willing), and this is what we're afraid of. We've become acclimated to Glasgow, Scotland, where 85°F is extremely, blisteringly hot. 75°F feels hot to us, now, and 62°F / 16°C is about right.

sdf313 said...

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kikas_head said...

sdf313-We got all of our pets once we were here. The best posting I have seen regarding bringing a pet here is:

Hope this helps!

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