Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Creepy, Creepy, Creepy

We went by the new house site to check on the progress today. On the way out we stopped at the gate to talk to the guard. While there, I noticed a large picture of two young women with a notice stating they were not allowed to leave the village without written permission. When I asked the guard about it, he explained that these two women were household help and their employers did not want them leaving the village.

This is honestly one of the creepiest things I have seen. If you are that distrustful of your staff, why not fire them and hire new ones? I cannot imagine being trapped in a subdivision and only allowed to leave it with express written permission from my employer!

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Anne said...

Hey there,

I'm an American about to move somewhere in southern Manila in April and my husband pointed me to your blog to help me begin to envision how things will be. (He lived there for 2 years, so he already knows.)

Anyway, yeah. I agree about the creepiness factor. I've been reading all these sites on being an expat in the Philippines and anytime they get into the househelp issue, there are always posts that you can tell were written by bitter, old women of means, talking about how their househelp steals food and they have to lock her in her room at night and whatever. It seems like most people who have help there treat them fine, but there are definately some who have completely forgotten that being an employee doesn't make you a slave.