Monday, March 26, 2007


This past weekend we took a trip to Batangas. It is summer here and it is HOT (even for the Philippines) and we wanted to get out of the city for a weekend and head to the beach. Batangas is about a three hour drive south of Manila. The first night we stayed in Matabunkay, Batangas which apparently at one point in time was a nice beach. Now it is a nice mud flat so we headed out first thing Saturday morning to find a better beach in Nasugbu. One of the guys shilling stuff on the beach recommended the Costa de Oro resort so away we went.

Only catch with this resort is there is no road access so one must take a boat. No problem, boats are fun and I especially liked this one because it was called "4 Sisters" which I felt was a good sign. The resort was C L E A N!! New sheets, clean floors, and the pool was so clean you could practically drink out of it. Only complaint was shared bathroom but since we were the only guests it did not bother us at all. During full times, this could be an issue. Fronting the resort on the beach were nipa huts which were perfect for our late night drinking sessions and early morning breakfast. They also made some awesome french fries.

Great swimming and very good weather. Snorkeling was just so-so which was fine as we were mainly looking to just relax. All in all, a wonderful weekend escape.


Bee Luciano said...

hi, costa de oro looks and sounds great from your description. would you happen to know their contact numbers please?


BatangasNgaun said...
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BatangasNgaun said...

ganda nmn dyan.. do you know how to get there if your coming from

mgrozman said...

what a wonderful view... you should see san jose and

lito said...

ang dami talgang mgagandang lugar at masasarap na pagkain sa batangas

im proud to be batangueno