Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sky Cable

I have been trying to get service from Sky Cable shortly after moving here. The techs came out a few times, always telling me that there was no post near my house (long story why I kept having them come--there was a purpose though). I was finally told that they would never put a connection in my neighborhood because, "too many people will steal the service."

This afternoon when we are coming home, we saw some Sky technicians only three blocks away. We stopped and got one of the guys cell numbers. He told us that they have a new prepaid service (pre-paid is huge here as there is no real credit history. Case in point, I have a DSL connection in my name. I am not a resident or citizen of the Philippines.) and will be extending to our block in April. I am not holding my breath but am a lot more optimistic. The only cable company in our neighborhood is Destiny and the suck.......because everybody steals it and weakens the signal.

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