Monday, March 05, 2007

Milk is Back!!!

The one food item I miss the most here is milk. There is tons of milk--local caribou, Australian, etc but it is all psycho pasteurized (with the exception of the caribou milk). The milk here is fine for coffee or cooking but when used as a beverage, which is my absolute favorite drink, it tastes horrible to me.

As a result, I buy half gallons of Darigold Milk for PHP208 (about $4). It is imported from the states (Washington State), hence the extreme price. I can't get enough of it, although I drink it rarely due to the cost. Sadly, last month none of the local stores here had it. I went to Rustan's, Makati Market, Robinsons, Unimart, and S&R and found nothing. Today we went to S&R and the milk was back in stock. It is a little sad how excited I was. I was starting to assume that since there was no milk, it was no longer being imported which would have made sense. Milk is perishable and I am sure there is not much demand for an expensive version of it here. Plus, I have to take a sip while I am in the store as I have bought a spoiled one in the past. This means I have to drive home holding it between my legs.

It just bums me out when I remember my wonderful Strauss organic milk from the states. A nice glass bottle, cream on the I am ecstatic with hormone filled goodness.

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Katie said...

"cream on the top" = ewwwwwwwwww

I will bring you American goodies!!!