Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dog Bites

Rabies is still a disease here that kills people. Wait...obviously rabies is fatal everywhere, however there is a higher rate of people getting rabies dying from it. In the house we currently have five dogs: chiwawa, two mini pinschers, a Dalmatian, and a rottweiler (all are mixed--no purebreds). All were here before we arrived last year with the exception of the rott. I have adopted the rottweiler and he will move with us when our house is completed. As a result, he got full vaccinations INCLUDING rabies at the appropriate puppy ages. In addition, we figured if any dog nipped, it would be the rott.

Forward to this past Monday. The chiwawa bit a 3-year old in the face.

We could not find her papers, therefore no idea when/if she had had rabies shots or boosters. As a result, the little girl had four shots that night, prescribed antibiotics, and will receive a shot every month for the next four months.

A rabies shot is maybe....PHP300? PHP500? Not much compared to not risking a little girls health and her shots will cost more in the end. Dog is now in a cage (don't even get me started on the practice of dogs in cages!!!!)

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Katie said...

Is this one of yours? He's cute!