Monday, April 02, 2007

House Pictures

We now have some walls up on the first floor! There are a few changes we need to make. According to our floor plan, the dining room is supposed to be four meters wide. It is currently 3.5 meters. While this doesn't sound like a big deal, due to space constraints 4 meters was as small as we felt comfortable going. To have it even smaller means we are debating where a table could even fit as this is the main passage to the backyard (and eventual pool).

In addition, the picture above shows what is supposed to be a guest bathroom (half-bath--just sink & toilet). Currently it is .70 meters wide. I don't think we could fit a sink inside without people crashing into it. As a result we will have to tear down one of the walls and start new. We are meeting with the contractor, designed, and architect today to find out why some of the measurements seem off. Hopefully they just appear smaller than we thought and there is not an actual error in the post placement. We shall see.

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