Monday, April 16, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood Part II

We passed by the section of C-3 that had the houses being torn down (I use the word "house" loosely). It appears they only tore down the ones that were blocking the sidewalk and have left the ones in the back. These they are putting a bright blue face on. Looks nice enough. I meant to get a picture but didn't have a camera and my phone takes very cruddy pictures.

On another note, Manila is a city with very few sidewalks. Some areas (Makati--the downtown/financial district) have them but most places we go there are none. Not the most walker friendly city. The places where there are sidewalks, I can often not walk because my height (5'8") means that I often get banged in the head with people eaves, banners, or hanging laundry. In addition, any scrap of sidewalk is taken over by vendors. Bonus is, when you do go walking, it is easy to get a bottled water or juice without having to stop.

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