Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swimming Pool

Today we are meeting with two pool contractors--Aqua Pools & Bulacan Gardens. We originally had contacted Bulacan Gardens for our landscaping and had then decided against them as we found that a lot of our friends did their own landscaping and were willing to help us with ours. Our contact at Bulacan Gardens mentioned that they do pools also so we set up an appointment. Our second appointment is with Aqua Pools which is the company our designer uses. I am a big fan of word of mouth.

Catch is, we are not sure what we can do with our space. It is not a huge space and I want a swimming pool that is 6' deep (if we had more space we would make it deeper) at the deepest point. In addition, we want lots of lights inside as well as a mosaic style tile (we saw it at a resort and loved the way the water looked). We need space for our gigantic grill as well as a small covered structure (natural--teak or nipa) to be right next to the pool. We want it fun enough for adults but safe so that all the kids (billions of godchildren, nieces, cousins, etc) will not get out of sight and drown.


Anonymous said...

You can't get, like, an 8 foot deep pool? :(

Katie said...

By the way, "anonymous" is me.

kikas_head said...

I know...even six feet was a stretch because we don't have a lot of space. At least six feet will be a little over my head which is what I wanted/