Monday, April 23, 2007

Philippines Expat

It is weird for me to be here in the sense that there are very few people like me here. It seems like most Americans living here are either:
1. Men who have married much younger, prettier women
2. Men who are married to a normal Filipina woman and have moved/retired here.
3. Men who have retired here (often ex military)
4. Volunteers
5. Missionaries (lotta Mormons here....they look just like they do in the states, short sleeved shirts with ties and backpacks).
6. People who were placed here by their companies.

I haven't quite found my niche yet. There is a club for American Women but I fear they will be a lot older than me and if most are based here for employment, it means they have more money than God. Not sure if they will have a place for me.

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Katka said...

You really need to find that young-and-just-moved-out-with-my-expat-lifepartner constituent. Hmmmm.....